This side is ruled by the God itself. Therefore this is one of the most important directions in Vaastu and should be kept clean and approachable by all.In this direction,placing Poojaghar and water related objects are the best option according to Vastu.Avoid placing toilets and heavy objects in this corner.An unmarried girl should not sleep in this direction.


This direction is ruled by the fire and hence has an abundance of energy in it.Kitchen should be in southeast.One should keep electric machines here.One can setup factory or boiler in this corner Never put water tanks or any water related objectsin this corner.This direction is not suitable for dining hall.


In the southwest direction, balance the earth element by putting plants. Plants have the capacity noticed though blue now. to absorb all kinds of negative elements and help in cleaning the environment.Other than plants, another important way of balancing the south west side is by placing Master bedroom and store room here.One can keep their garage,car parking,dustbins,and any heavier elements.As you place the heavier elements in this direction you will be able to build a supportive and energetic level for your home.


this is the direction for air/wind. This is the most significant direction for all types of objects that require any kind of movement.Let there be the circulation of fresh air in the house by opening windows. You will find the relationships in the family improving when the air element is balanced.One can make guest room,girl’s room,visitors room,living room and stairs here. One can build a drainage lines here.


East side is known as the giver of pleasure. It is from this side that happiness


The God of ocean, Varuna, rules the west direction according to Vastu.In this area one can make dining hall, and stairs here.one can make any heavier construction here.Placement of mirrors on West or south wall are inauspicious.


This side is the home for the God of wealth.In this direction one should keep their main entrance,sitting room and open space here.Avoid keeping watchman cabin,store room,study room,machineries here.


This is where the God of death resides.n thse kitchen, grinder, fridge, shelf and other heavy items should be towards South and West wall.One can have water tanks,stairs and heavy walls.Avoidind children’s room bathroom,windows,study room,grain storage are preferable


  • In Northeast Jupiter(Guru) and Ketu are stronger.
  • In East Sun(surya) is stronger.
  • In Southeast Venus(shukra) is stronger.
  • In South Mars(Mangal) is stronger.
  • In Southwest rahu is stronger.
  • In West Satur(shani) is stronger.
  • In Northwest(vayu)Moon(Chandra) is stronger
  • In south Mercury(budh) is stronger.

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